After School Program

The after school program serves children under 5 years of age.

Parents who have children attending a school system (KG1 & KG2) on a full-time basis will benefit from a day-care school-age program.

In an after the school-age program, children typically experience a variety of activities, both indoors and outdoors:

• Tutorial: Assisting kids with homework, remedial assistance

•Reading Club: Listening, narrating stories, reading storybooks, improving reading Skills

•Language Club: Arabic, English, and French learning basic language skills

•Art Club: Dance or drama or music or drawing and painting

• Sports Club: Gymnastics or Yoga or Judo- Karate or Basketball

•Cooking Club: Introduction to basic of spices, bread baking, salad and food

• Baby Sensory: Activity along with parent participation for Baby 0 to 1yr old.

•Cinema Club: Cartoon movies

This program offers children a balance of free play, structured activities, and individual hands-on exploration. After a long day in school, children look forward to unwinding and stretching their minds and muscles and hanging out with their friends playing the numerous board games and computer games available at a daycare. They can also do their homework to get ready for the next school day.



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