Terms and Conditions

  1. Pay tuition fees, payable per term and to be paid in into account or by cheque.
  2. Pay all the fees, at all times, as applicable in advance, according to the schedule of fees and current policies or that might be declared by the nursery later.
  3. Pay non -refundable registration fee of AED 1,000 per child enrolled to offset administrative costs and to secure a place for your child at KinderCare Nursery.
  4. The tuition fee is refundable. Days of attended shall be deducted.
  5. If a child remains absent for a full calendar month without prior notice, his or her registration will be cancelled.
  6. Readmission, subject to available space, is possible after any previous balance has been settled.
  7. Provide the nursery with two weeks’ notice in writing of the intention to withdraw a child.
  8. A returned or bounced cheque will incur a charge of AED 100.
  9. We understand that there is a reason for occasional late pickups. If this becomes regular, KinderCare reserves the right to charge a fee of
  10. AED 25 for every half hour that your child is within our care. Invoices will be given at the end of each month.
  11. Provide the nursery with a medical fitness certificate prior to the admission of the child and prior to the readmission of the child following such child’s absence due to infectious disease.
  12. Notify the Centre immediately should the child contract any infectious disease.
  13. Notify the nursery immediately should any change of address, employment or other enrolment information occur for either parent.
  14. The nursery shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the clothing or the property of the child while such child attends the nursery or participating in its programs.
  15. Should any occasion arise requiring the child to be taken to the hospital for emergency treatment of any kind and for any reason irrespective of cause, and contract with the parent has not been possible, your permission to act as temporary guardian is required by the nursery in order to avoid any delay in such treatment being received, on the understanding that the nursery will not be liable from any situation arising from such treatment.
  16. The nursery must be informed of any special requirements (including food, life-threatening allergies and other dietary restrictions) arising from any ethnic or religious customs to prevent infringement due to lack of such knowledge.
  17. Waiver of any provision hereof by the nursery shall apply only to the provision waived and shall not affect the validity of the contract or subsequent enforceability of the provision waived
  18. No amendment of the terms of this agreement shall be binding upon the nursery unless consented to by the nursery in writing.
  19. Breach of any terms of this agreement or regulation, from the time published and may result in immediate cancellation of enrollment and forfeiture of any fees paid.
  20. The word ‚Äúnursery” as used in this agreement shall be deemed to refer to Emirates KinderCare Nursery.
  21. The word “Parents” as used in this agreement shall be deemed to refer to the signatures on the first page hereof and applied to those signatories no matter what relationship to the child.
  22. The “Child” as used in this agreement shall be deemed to refer to the person named on the first page hereof and enrolled in the Centre pursuant to this agreement.
  23. The parents will also accept by any allergic restrictions imposed by the Centre due to any other enrolled child.
  24. The parents will accept by the current Centre Policies and Procedures and the Parent Handbook, or any changes to policies that may be declared by the Centre from the time
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