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Welcome To Kindergarten
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Emirates Kinder Care Nursery

was established in 2012 and has a vast growing client list.  At our Nursery, we endeavor at all times to promote the well-being and on-going development of your child in a safe, secure, caring, and positive learning environment which promotes values, good foundations, and strong morals.   We are committed to providing a rich and varied learning environment for all children.  This is reflected in our choice of curriculum and methodology.  We have adopted the new British model from the Department for Education.  The EYFS framework sets the UK standards for learning, development, and care for children from birth to five. The curriculum is built around four principles:
A Unique Child
Positive Relationships
Enabling Environments
Learning and Development


We offer our curriculum in both English and Arabic.

At Emirates Kinder Care we focus on how children develop; we recognize they are all different but should be treated equally. Positive relationships and good communication are vital. Children need to learn about risks and safety, how to make good choices, and how to stick to boundaries. We make every attempt to provide full opportunity for each child to do their best and we achieve this by ensuring their physical and emotional needs are met during their time at our nursery setting.

The theme is about children learning to manage their feelings and build relationships. We respect all kinds of families and aim to develop a positive two-way relationship with parents. We will support, listen and work with the children at Emirates Kinder Care to help them learn.

We plan and check on each child’s progress and make every attempt to involve parents and the local community.

We ensure that inside and outside spaces of the nursery are safe, interesting and engaging. Our staff support children when they move on, working as a team to help children succeed.

Emirates Kinder Care will focus on ensuring young children learn through play and exploration, with support for each individual. We encourage children to develop imagination, to get actively involved in learning and to make decisions. We make every attempt to develop children’s creative and critical thinking, balancing the need for both the children and adults to lead the learning.

We work towards the following specific goals to help us all work within the framework:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development, helping to build confidence, concentration, independence and respect.
  • Communication, Language and Literacy, developing speaking and listening skills and beginning to read and write.
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, focusing on number work, mathematical ideas and thinking.
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World, helping children investigate and think about their place in the world.
  • Physical Development, relating to developing physical skills and understanding.
  • Creative Development, centered on building children’s imagination.
  • Welfare, ensuring we are all aware of our responsibility for children’s welfare. We will look after your child properly and help them to stay healthy. We also ensure the Emirates Kinder Care Nursery is a safe and positive place for children.

A typical EYFS environment will encompass:

  1. Freedom of movement and freedom of choice for the child.
  2. Structure and order in the arrangement and sequence of the materials
  3. An atmosphere that is attractive, warm and inviting.
  4. Material and resources that provide learning experiences

A closeness to nature and the natural world, as well as activities and material that reflect the reality of life.

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  1. The latest updates regarding COVID 19 from the MOHP are provided to the nursery staff.
  2. Clear lines of communication have been established with staff, parents, and other stakeholders such as.

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Great Teachers

Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods, and techniques. the teacher is the heart of the educational system.


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